Daniel Lancaster 

Sculptor, Creator, Artistic Mechanic. 
Custom work in acrylic, plexiglass & metal. 
Digital LED art, with integrated computerized lighting, 
for ambiance, cool signage, and more...


My sculptures have an effect similar to the fluidity of water and the mesmerizing aspect of fire. Through constant manipulation of light, I can create an illusion of movement. These assemblage are always in motion when turned on.


Working with modular units to create a larger assemblage allows for me to create and build in my shop and easily transport my sculpture to the installation environment. Modular units allow for me to assemble, rearrange, and disassemble with ease.


Throughout the years I have experimented with many different translucent materials. All have asspects for certain needs. I started with acrylic/plexi-glass coated in spray paint. I have looked into translucent colored acrylics, but they are very costly. Vinyl films and wraps have great success and reasonably priced.

I began experimenting with making my own colored acrylic glass, that have produce positive results.

My exploration for translucent colored material is never ending. I have, and continue to discovered matirial solutions for many types of effects and aplication needs.


-Daniel Lancaster